Are You Faced with a Divorce? 4 Types of Divorce Cases Your Lawyer Can Handle

Every couple gets into marriage with the intent of staying together forever. Unfortunately, that is not the case for every union. Somewhere down the lines, the marriage can go haywire, and the two end up divorcing. Some couples split when the marriage is fairly new, while some divorce years later.

Either way, you should hire divorce lawyers to help with the process. Working with an experienced legal practitioner makes the process a whole lot easier. There are various categories of divorces that these professionals can handle, including the following:

1. The Divorce Is Uncontested

As the name suggests, an uncontested divorce means that both parties have agreed that they are better off apart. Since you and your spouse agree, it becomes easier and faster to dissolve the marriage. Besides, the process is less costly.

2. The Divorce Is Contested

A contested divorce is the complete opposite of an uncontested one. It means that the parties do not agree on most of the issues such as custody of the children, how to divide the marital properties and issues of spousal support.

As you can tell, such a marriage will take much longer and will cost more to dissolve. However, you can work out a favourable settlement when you bring a divorce lawyer on board. But if you cannot agree on the contested matters out of court, you may have to face the judge.

3. The Divorce Is Collaborative 

In collaborative divorce cases, you and your spouse require the services of divorce lawyers to dissolve the marriage without stepping into a courtroom. If the lawyers you hire cannot settle the case, you can engage a new team of lawyers to try another chance of settling the matters. 

Like in an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse need to work together for a common goal to develop a solution that fits everyone. Therefore, there has to be a lot of openness and compromise. During the agreement, neutral financial personnel, divorce coach and parenting professional must be involved.

4. The Divorce Is Default 

Unlike in the other three mentioned divorce cases, a default case usually involves one spouse. In this scenario, your spouse will fail to respond to the divorce papers within the stipulated time, forcing you to proceed with the case without their consent. In that case, the judge makes a final ruling in the absence of your spouse. Sometimes the spouse may respond but ghosts the court, in which case the court will still proceed. 

With their vast experience and deep understanding of family law, divorce lawyers can guide you in making the right choices to obtain a favourable outcome. Contact services like P J Griffin & Co to learn more. 

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