A Guide On The Work Of Divorce Paper Servers

Do you wish to divorce your spouse? If you do, you require the services of a divorce paper server. Also known as a divorce process server, this is a professional who delivers divorce papers to your spouse if you did not make a joint divorce application. Below is an article discussing the work of divorce paper servers and the considerations to make when hiring one of these professionals. 

What Is The Work Of A Divorce Paper Server? 

In Australia, the Family Court prohibits applicants from serving divorce papers to their partners. As such, they require a process server to locate their spouse and deliver the divorce papers. Usually, the papers should be served 28 days before the first divorce hearing if your spouse lives in Australia. If they live outside the country, they should receive the papers 42 days before the hearing.

Process serving is not as easy as you may presume. In some cases, spouses will go into hiding to frustrate the divorce process. As such, it is the process server's work to locate such an individual. Besides, the server will require evidence to prove that the other party received the papers. The professional should sign an affidavit validating that your spouse received the divorce papers. 

Hiring A Divorce Paper Server

Some of your concerns when hiring a process server should include the following: 


Internet reviews are an easy way to assess the reputation of the divorce process server. Consider professionals whose clients applaud them for excellent tracing skills and timely delivery.  

Area of Operation

It is an essential concern if your spouse lives outside the state or country. If this is the case, consider paper servers that offer nationwide or international services. Some process servers have an extensive network of agents who can deliver the paperwork within a few days. 

Terms and Pricing 

Examine the terms of the process server before hiring them. For instance, what guarantees does the professional give? Ideally, the server should be in a position to serve the papers before the court deadlines. Otherwise, you should not have to pay for their services. Most divorce paper servers will charge depending on the distance that they will deliver the papers. However, you may incur extra charges if the server has to hire a private investigator to trace your spouse. 

A divorce paper server will deliver divorce documents to your estranged spouse. When hiring a process server, examine their reputation, area of operation, terms and pricing. 

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