Questions To Ask A Solicitor Before Engaging Their Services

Working with the new solicitor can be challenging, especially if you have never had to use the services of one. You may have an idea which solicitor you want to work with. However, you may still have several questions that will need answers to before you engage their services. Look at some of the typical questions that you should ask from the very beginning.

• How Much Will Your Services Cost?

You are better off knowing how much you will pay the solicitor from the very beginning. This is not a question that you should put off for later. The sooner you know, the better, so you can plan accordingly. The solicitor should be transparent in the pricing structure. Some have a fixed fee, others an hourly rate, while others will take a percentage of the win. 

• Do They Have The Right Experience?

You need to ask the solicitor to share with you any relevant documentation that shows their level of experience. It is important to note that they all have their areas of expertise. It is better to work with one who has narrowed their focus on a particular niche. Avoid those who seem to handle any case. Ask for references, and call them up so that you get to know your solicitor.

• How Much Time Will They Give Your Case?

You do not want to work with a lawyer who seems to have too much going on. Your case deserves the right amount of time, and it is only right that you ask the solicitor what kind of resources he or she will dedicate to you. You do not want to engage the services of solicitors who will only work on your case during their spare time. 

• What Kind Of Communication Can You Expect?

You need to work with a solicitor who knows how to communicate with clients. Imagine a situation where you have a case going on, and you have no idea what is happening. It can be very frustrating and can lead to nasty surprises somewhere along the way. The solicitor should walk you through the cases as it proceeds. You must, however, also allow them sufficient time to handle your case without continually following up with them. 

When engaging the services of a solicitor, make sure you find out as much as you can about them. You will feel better because you know that your case is in the right hands. 

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