When Your Business Needs a Lawyer or Legal Advice

When running a business, you may know to hire an accountant around tax time and a human resources professional when it's time to make major staff changes. However, when do you need a business lawyer? Obviously if you're being sued or want to sue someone else, you'll want to call a legal expert. This isn't the only time your business may need a lawyer or legal advice, and understanding when to get good advice can help you make good decisions for your business. Note the following suggestions for when to call a business lawyer.

1. When filing a patent

Filing for a patent can take years and can also be very difficult and tedious; often, you need to note how your product is different than another one on the market so that you are legally allowed a patent, and there may be laws that affect the pharmaceutical and biotech industries that may not apply to other items you might invent or create. Hiring a patent attorney can ensure you know your rights up front and are properly protected throughout the entire process of filing for a patent.

2. When you need to terminate someone's employment contract

Having an employment contract in place doesn't necessarily mean that your hands are tied if you need to terminate that person. There may be clauses or provisions in the contract that allow for an early termination under certain circumstances, or you may be allowed to argue your right to terminate the contract in an extreme case. For example, if that employee was using narcotics while on the job or was doing something deliberately to sabotage certain projects, you may have legal rights that supersede the contract. Only a business lawyer can advise you on what to do in these cases, so check with him or her before you make any assumptions about an employment contract.

3. When creating contracts for others

Even if you only need a lease agreement for renting out space in your office or want to hire someone for a short-term project you'll be presenting to clients, you want to have a business lawyer help prepare the contract. This will ensure you don't overlook any details and include what's needed to protect your legal rights. For example, you might add a non-compete clause for a short-term project so that the person you hire doesn't use the information they learn from your company on a project for a competitor. An attorney can help draft any contract you need for your business.

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