Ensuring Your Criminal Compensation Case goes your way

Any person who is a victim of a crime is entitled to criminal compensation. This compensation varies across different judicial entities, but remains somewhat similar in its envisioned goal: to help victims of crime deal with injuries and results directly attributed to the crime.

Navigating the corridors of justice to claim this compensation may not always be an easy task. While many jurisdictions hold that you do not need legal representation for the claim, it is always prudent to have a legal expert by your side steering the exchange. The following are some ways in which a legal expert can help towards ensuring the criminal compensation case goes your way.

Documentary hearing

In many instances, the board deciding your case may rely strongly on the documentary evidence you provide. This evidence can make or break your case. A legal expert knowledgeable in this area of law can help you assemble the proper documentary evidence that will help your case. Evidence such as previous employment status and compensation, medical bills from an injury, psychological reports, receipts, and many more documents will be needed in the case. The legal expert will know which documents to include, and which ones weaken your case.

Interim award

An interim award is compensation offered before your actual compensation case is settled. You may want this award to help you with immediate need for funds for activities such as a funeral, or for seeking medical attention. An interim award claim needs to satisfy most of the conditions the board considers for a full award. Once again, a legal expert will prove more useful in navigating this request and ensuring that your process is expedited to aide you immediately. In many cases, interim awards are offered as a fraction of the full envisioned award. You may, therefore, have the sum of the interim award deducted from your full award later when it is granted. Should you not secure a compensation award, you may be required to pay the amount given as interim award.

Delayed claim/report

A person can only file for criminal compensation if the crime was reported to the police. Jurisdictions vary on the exact duration availed for this process. The general rule, however, is that the crime must have been reported within a reasonable period of time after it occurred. The claims also should be made within certain durations. A legal expert will prove very handy should you be venturing for the claim after a delayed period. In many instances, late claims or late police reports often result in no awards.  

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