Motor Vehicle Accidents: Understanding Important Claiming Elements

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may sustain minor personal injuries or long-term debilitating condition. Moreover, you might incur other financial losses such as lost wages due to the hospital stay and property damage. Therefore, you should know how to make an official legal claim for compensation. Ideally, this monetary compensation will help in restoring your life to its original quality, prior to the accident. Here is a description of the critical elements that you should understand before making your auto accident claim.

When Can You Claim?

You can make an accident claim as any type of road user, including driver, pedestrian, cyclist and passenger. However, the claiming process can be more complicated if you were the one of the parties directly involved in the accident. In simple terms, if you were partly at fault in the incident, your potential financial benefits will be reduced. The common aspects that determine whether you were at fault include the speed at which you were driving, failing to wear your passenger seatbelt and biking without your helmet. In some cases, the vehicular incident may be considered a blameless accident. For example, if a driver was to suffer a sudden stroke or the vehicle malfunctioned due to brake failure, no one can be blamed for the injuries or losses.

Insured vs. Uninsured

The compensation claims can be made through the insurance company that provides the cover to the involved vehicles. It is crucial to understand this type of claim as the at-fault vehicle owner because your policy might not cover all the demands. The compulsory third-party insurance will cover any personal injury claims, but you will be liable for damage to property and other cars. If you have third-party property insurance, the cover will pay for claims when other cars and general property is damaged. The comprehensive insurance will cover all types of accident issues, including the damage sustained by your vehicle. Without insurance, the claims can be made to the at-fault party directly. You should consult a lawyer before contacting the person you believe is responsible or when someone makes a claim against you.

Making the Claim

If you want to make a successful motor vehicle accident claim, you should ensure that the police are notified of the details of the incident. In addition, you should request for the insurance information and contact details of the parties directly involved in the accident. To receive compensation, you should lodge a personal injury claim against and send a letter of demand to the at-fault party.

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