Gear you should use to keep safe on a motorcycle

Motorcycles are popular recreational vehicles for many people. Regardless of whether you're riding an old, classic bike, or have opted for a modern, sporty one, you are still in danger of injuring yourself severely. Motorcyclists are prone to be involved in accidents, and are more exposed than other road-users. To safely handle your motorcycle, there are many things you need to think about, but one of the most important things to keep in mind is what you're wearing. It won't just keep you safer, but will also help you financially by making it easier for the motor vehicle accident lawyer to defend your case if you were ever involved in a crash.


Your helmet is the most important piece of equipment in order to keep safe when on your motorcycle. You need to make sure you're wearing a helmet that fits. It's crucial that it's not too tight, as you will have to see and hear properly. It can't be too loose either, as this can allow air streams into your helmet and affect your skin and your ears.  You also need to wear glasses that are easy to see through and that aren't scratched. Always have a pair of clear glasses close when riding, as coloured glasses might work during the day, but nothing but clear glasses will be appropriate when it's dark.

Body protection

You need to wear clothes that are durable and thick, as they have to be able to protect your body if you were to be dragged along the asphalt. Even if it's warm outside, you should still wear at least a vest of a sturdy material like leather or thick denim. It won't protect your arms, but your vital organs will be protected. You should also wear leather gloves and proper shoes. You should opt to wear boots in favour of other shoes. They don't just protect your feet, but also your ankles, which is a common area of injury, especially for fractures.

At night

If you're riding a lot at night, you should also keep in mind that you need to be visible. Having functioning lights on your bike isn't always enough. If you want to keep entirely safe, you should also choose to add reflective clothing on top of your standard motor cycle gear. Add reflective strips on your helmets and boots so that oncoming traffic can see exactly how wide you are as you come driving along the road. 

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